Travis Kerns, Licensed Professional Counselor

Cardiff Counselling and Psychotherapy


Accept who I am or challenge myself?  Connect with new possibilities or let go of things that aren't working?  Many of us struggle in our lives to find balance between these choices.  Sometimes this can lead to pain, frustration, unhealthy patterns, possibly even addictions.


Does changing feel hard?  Sometimes it can.  But it's easier with support.


I'm a professionally qualified counsellor practicing in Cardiff, Wales.  My job is to help people learn to balance change and acceptance.  I know that it's often a challenge just to make the decision to seek therapy, yet if you give yourself that gift, the benefits can be enormous.  With support and commitment, you can achieve a better, more balanced you.


Whether you're an individual or a couple, gay or straight, counselling is designed around one goal:  to help you improve.  I work with clients addressing a variety of concerns, and I have several specialty areas:  relationships and couples counselling, addiction counselling, difficulty with life adjustments, online counselling, and trauma and abuse counselling. 


I provide face to face counselling and psychotherapy in my office in Cardiff, and online via Skype, which makes it easy to connect with me from anywhere in the UK.  I invite you to browse my website to learn more about me and how I can assist you.  I’m glad you've taken a step towards helping yourself and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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